Life’s Gotten Busy

Between our little boy, working, trying to keep the house someone clean, the holidays and life in general the blog has gotten away from me. I’m missing sharing here, but finding time to write has been difficult – as I’m sure any mom knows! Honestly, while cooking is definitely happening, its nothing like pre-baby. Everything is done as quickly as possible and then shoveled in while trying to feed peanut boy, and keep him from melting down.


We are still figuring out this whole parenting thing, and I’m guessing that’s pretty much how we’re going to feel for the rest of his life! As soon as we start feeling like we’ve got it, we’re on to the next stage! It’s been amazing and life changing and stressful and a huge adjustment. Hopefully as peanut boy grows I’ll be able to get back here and start sharing more consequently again. Until that time, though, I’ll be sharing whenever I can! Hope to have a recipe or two up here soon!