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Bacon… as far as I’m concerned it makes pretty much anything better. Add avocado, minced onion, spicy mayo, cheese, and a fried egg and you’re bordering on perfection. Layered egg sandwiches like this one are some of my favorite indulgences (I have a spectacular eggs benedict meets blt that is to die for, but is only worth making during tomato season).


Now honestly there is no real recipe involved in making this. It is really just layers of flavor. However, it was so tasty I figured I would share it and post my spicy mayo recipe (if you can really call it a recipe).


Spicy Mayo

¼ medium onion, minced

2 Tbs mayo

1 tsp red pepper sauce (Sriracha)

½ tsp garlic powder


Ground black pepper

Splash lemon juice

Mix all ingredients, once combine spread onto bread and toast.

I also layered thinly sliced avocado and a slice of cheese prior to toasting.