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After 5 days away from home, I’m settling back into the apartment and going through all my pictures from the weekend. It’s definitely nice to be back home, kittens running around and sleeping in my own bed. But the time with family and friends is always wonderful! Going though my pictures reminds me of how snug and warm my childhood home is around the holidays. So I wanted to share some of the pictures as well as some of the things I’m thankful for, not just during the holiday’s but all year long (and yes, we put up the Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, and kitten traveled with me…)!

I am so thankful for the constant support and love of my family; for the devotion and camaraderie of my amazing friends; for the ever available editing and taste-testing from my roomie; for the affection of my sweetie; the goofy kitties that never fail to make me smile; and for all the wonderful people, strangers and friends, who have offered words of support and encouragement recently!

In closing today, I would like to share another recipe I got to try for Thanksgiving this year. It’s wonderfully simple, delicious and such an up-grade from the canned version.

Cranberry-Orange Compote

1 bag fresh cranberries

1 tsp Orange zest

Juice from 1 medium Orange

1/3 – ½ c. brown sugar

Combine all ingredients in a medium sauce pan and cook over medium-low heat until berries break down completely and sauce becomes thick, about 20 minutes.