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I had a wonderful Valentine weekend! Kicked off by beautiful roses from my sweetie on Friday, which are still brightening my table. Followed by a trip to the farmers market on Saturday to get all the necessary pieces for the sushi. Finally on Sunday we actually rolled some sushi! We had so much fun and the resulting sushi was great! We were quite impressed with ourselves to be honest.

There is no real recipe; I just wanted to share the pictures and adventure. We really had a blast creating our own rolls, filling them with avocado and topping them with our favorite sauces. Turns out he was much better at rolling them, while I was the one who was a little better at cutting them. We were equally good at eating them though!

I think all of the rolls were either covered with eel sauce or spicy mayo. Our first roll was mostly rice. In fact it was referred to as the rice roll once we sat down to eat. It was pretty much the only one that didn’t get finished! I think the two favorites would probably be the spicy tuna with avocado and the salmon with jalapeno and cream cheese. Final picture is all the sushi we made!