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So, I am kind of a nerd. On this particular Saturday night my sweetie and roomie joined me in my nerdiness; helped me come up with a menu and a drink, and hit the kitchen. Well… actually we hit the grocery store first which was an adventure in and of itself (but you really don’t need to hear about how long it took us to make it through Kroger). Once we made it back to the apartment we all set off on our various tasks.

My Sweetie played bartender and whipped up two spectacular drinks. The strawberry mojito was his planning and connection and the champito (Champagne mojito) was the roomie and my inspiration. They were both amazing!

The roomie set to work on our stuffed mushroom appetizer, which were all bacony delectable!

And I kind of bounced between harassing rooms while she worked on the mushrooms and working on the Cajun meat pies; which we served with a killer remoulade sauce.

Now, I will share all of the recipes (I’m not just taunting you with pictures), but I’m starting with the champitos. They are a wonderful, fruity, and delicate drink. The strawberry mojitos were also amazing, but I figured there are already multiple recipes for that one. Plus we came up with the name while dancing around the kitchen and I just had to share.


Adapted from AllRecipes.com

7 Strawberries, quartered

2 lg limes, quartered

½ bunch fresh mint

2/3 c. sugar

2/3 c. rum


Squeeze limes into pitcher. Add juiced limes, strawberries, mint and sugar and crush with muddler to release juices. Stir in the rum and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Add about ½ to ¾ a bottle of champagne. Pour into glass with a few cubes of ice.