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Does anyone like Monday’s? I mean really? They have to be the single worst day of the week, hands down. They just depress me and thus dinner on Monday needs to be good. Also, since the rooms was dragging me to the gym right after work, dinner needed to be quick. Plus this fit in with the whole meatless Monday, which rooms and I try to do.

After a [pathetic] trip to the gym the rooms and I went to work in the kitchen. She had picked out a few recipes from the challenge for this week. The one we crated on Monday night was the grilled Portobello mushrooms with tomato sauce. They were quite good. We served it over pasta for a quick and filling dinner.

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Tomato Sauce (Adapted from The Olive Table)

2 medium Portobello mushrooms, destemmed and cleaned

2 Tbs olive oil

1 Tbs balsamic vinegar


Tomato Sauce:

1 tbs olive oil

4 cloves garlic

½ medium onion, minced

½ green bell pepper, minced

1 c cherry tomatoes, chopped

1 Tbs  balsamic vinegar

1/3 c chicken broth

½ c white wine

¼ c sliced basil leaves

Pre-heat the oven to broil.

Mix the balsamic and oil. Brush the mushroom caps with oil and balsamic. Broil for about 5 minutes. Flip and brush gills liberally with the oil mixture. Add parmesan to each mushroom cap and broil for another 5 to 6 minutes.

While the mushrooms cook heat oil over medium high heat in a large sauce pan. Add onions, garlic, bell pepper, and tomatoes and sauté for about 8 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and cook for another 10 minutes.

Serve over pasta and garnish with fresh basil and more parmesan.