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I was thinking about the resolutions I made last year and thought I would revisit them to see how well (or poorly) I had done.

  • Cook at least 5 recipes from each of my cookbook
  • Take a cooking class
  • Try a new and unfamiliar recipe every week
  • Bake yeast bread
  • Eat more salad
  • Try making sushi
  • Cook fish at least once a week
  • Cook a vegetarian meal at least once a week
  • Eat a new cuisine

Turns out it was the later. I can only cross of 3 out of 9! That’s just sad. I will say I made a conscious effort to eat more fish, make vegetarian meals regularly and branch out by trying new recipes, but I don’t think I can cross them off. And honestly, I’m all but giving myself the salad thing, considering I almost never ate salads previously.

Clearly I’m not so hot at this whole sticking with my resolutions. Yet here I am about to tell you what I’ve resolved to do this year… I know it’s probably futile, but I’ll tell myself I’m going to try anyways.

2011 Resolutions:

  • Stick to my grocery budget (I spend way too much $ on groceries considering I’m just feeding 1 person).
  • Utilize each and everyone of my cookbooks (I’m not revisiting the cooking challenge, it was too expensive and stressful, but I got new cookbooks for Christmas and I need to use them).
  • Cook lighter (I tend to go with heavier comfort food when I’m stressed to tired, I need to lighten up my cooking a bit).
  • Keep soups or “quick” meals in the freezer for lunch or nights I don’t want to cook.

These certainly aren’t ground breaking nor are they as ambitious as last years resolutions, but they’re practical. And this year, I’m all about practical! Have you made any cooking/food resolutions this year?