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Chicken BBQ Salad with avacado

So… My first dress fitting is this weekend. Thus I’m trying to be a little extra good this week in preparation! Honestly, we’ve been making extra effort to eat better and exercise, but the prospect of a fitting is giving me a little extra inspiration! Therefore, I’ve have a salad for you! This has a heavier dressing, but I feel like it’s seriously worth it! Feel free to lighten it up with a fat free ranch, or something along those lines! This one is also sturdy enough that you could leave off the chicken if you observe meatless Mondays! Which is no longer something I do since my sweetie doesn’t believe it’s a meal if there isn’t meat.

I had this at a tasting, and it was described as having a drizzle of bbq sauce over top of the whole salad. And while it looked great, I figured having bbq chicken instead of plain grilled achieved the same outcome.  While we’re on the topic, let me stop you here and assure you that even if it sounds a little funny, bbq makes for a delicious salad!

Southwest Chopped Salad

Chopped romaine
BBQ Chicken breast, sliced
Avocado black bean salsa

Chili Avocado Ranch Dressing

½ avocado, mashed
¼ c mayonnaise
¼ c sour cream
2 Tbs white vinegar
1 Tbs lime juice
1 Tbs minced onion
Healthy dash garlic powder, dill, chili powder, and cumin

Wisk together all of the dressing ingredients. Toss the lettuce in the dressing, coating it thoroughly. Plate the lettuce and top with the black bean salsa and BBQ chicken. Enjoy!