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The hubs and I were bumming around the house on Saturday, enjoying our coffee, doing some cleaning and just enjoying being home. As usual, our conversation quickly tuned to food – what we’re eating next is a regular source of discussion on the weekends.  We had planned out a pretty simple dinner when the hubs said “you know what we should do for dessert…” A phrase I love to hear, because I’m always up for dessert. “Let’s do blended mudslides.” Coffee, chocolate and liquor… yep, I’m in!

These were inspired, in part by a drink we enjoyed on our honeymoon. The resort had a drink very similar to a mudslide which they served over ice. Well one day we got the genius idea to ask them to blend it (not entirely sure the bartender thought it was genius…), and it was amazing. So, needless to say we assumed the same would be true for a mudslide tossed in a blender. We were right again. These were a great way to close a busy Saturday. We enjoyed sipping them while veging out on the Olympics.

½ c Baileys
½ c Kahlua
1 – 2 c ice (depending on your preferred consistency)
2 Tbs Hersey syrup (plus some for drizzling)

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend the dickens out of it! (Very complex, I know) Drizzle a bit of Hersey syrup around the inside edge of your cups before pouring the drink into them for fun presentation and a little extra flavor.