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Shredded Pork Tacos

I think I may have told you before that the hubs is our resident grill master. He also enjoys smoking things on his grill as well, although since it’s a bit more time consuming, he saves that for the weekends. The only problem with his love-affair with smoking is it generally involves rather sizable items and produces way too much food for two people (or even four in this case!). So I’ve been working on various recipes I can pull out for the leftovers when he gets a little grill-happy.

This past weekend he brined and smoked a Boston butt, and it was delicious. But even with our brother and sister-in-law over to watch the game, we still hardly made a dent in it! So, thus came about the shredded pork taco idea. Now, due to the fatty nature of this cut of pork, they aren’t really the healthiest of dinners… especially once you add cheese, guacamole, and tortillas. They were, however, delicious and a great way to use leftover bbq!

2/3 – 1 lb cooked pork shoulder
½ can diced tomatoes
½ c salsa
¼ c lime juice
1 c beer
Healthy dash cumin, coriander, chili powder, and black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a medium pot over medium-low heat and simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours.

We served our tacos with guacamole, diced onion, tomatoes, Havarti, and lettuce on homemade tortillas – which makes them even less healthy, but exceptionally tasty.

This is just for the shredded pork, doesn’t include other taco filling or shells: 5 tacos: 1 taco – (estimated) 192 Calories, 8.5 g Fat, 7.7 Carbs, 0.4 g Fiber, 14.1 g Protein