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Onion Seed Bread

Ever since I made that Gouda Jalapeno bread a few months back I’ve been itching to try out another version of the wonderfully easy no-kneed bread. Last weekend, for absolutely no reason in particular, I decided to go ahead and make some. As patience isn’t exactly a virtue I posse, I consider the rising time, 12+ hours, to be the only drawback of this bread. I’m not always that good at planning in advance.

I’m such a sucker for good bread, and I’m pretty sure homemade bread is one of the best carb-related indulgences. This version was lovely and fragrant and crusty, the hubs and I ate quite a bit right out of the oven, and then I also used it to help soap up the sauce from my chicken parmesan. It was also wonderful a few days later toasted with a little butter.

Onion Seed Bread sliced

See the pretty poppy seeds dotted thought out the loaf?

But really all I’m trying to say is if you haven’t made your own variation of this bread, you should!

3 c flour
1 ¾ tsp salt
½ tsp yeast
1.5 c water
½ tsp garlic powder
3 tsp sesame seeds
2 tbs poppy seeds
¼ lg sweet onion, minced

Wisk together the flour, salt, yeast, garlic powder, poppy seeds and sesame seeds in a large mixing bowl. Add water and onion, mix until completely combine. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and allow to rise for 12 to 18 hours (somewhere warm and still works best).

Pre-heat oven to 450⁰. Once hot place cast iron pot with lid into the oven for 30 minutes.

While the pot heats, drop the dough onto a well-floured surface and form into a ball – use lots of flour, it’s a very sticky dough. Cover with plastic wrap.

Carefully remove pot from the oven and lightly spray bottom with cooking oil (I used olive oil spray). Drop in the dough, cover and return to the oven for 30 minutes. Remove the lid and bake for another 10 to 15, or until the top looks lovely and brown.

Remove from the pot (I did this with a flexible spatula to loosen the loaf and a big metal spatula to actually remove it from the pot) and allow to cool for 10 minutes before cutting.

12 Slices a Loaf: 1 Slice – (estimated) 118 Calories, 1 g Fat, 23.3 Carbs, 1.1 g Fiber, 4 g Protein