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So… it’s not that I’ve been neglecting this space (although it seems like it) but that I’ve not been cooking, at all. Because my kitchen is in the middle of a renovation. Which is very exciting, and uniquely stressful at the same time. And leave me with absolutely nothing food related to really talk about (unless, of course you want to hear about our interesting dining out experiences – like seafood nachos… which, for the record, I do not recommend; or the frustration of trying to put together a salad, crockpot or grill meal when all of your kitchen supplies are scattered around your front room; or trying to make coffee when you’re without a sink…). Hopefully, as long as everything goes according to plan, we’re about halfway through the project at this point.

Garlic Goddess

Loving my new counters and all the new details, hating the mess that is currently my home

I am exceptionally excited about the work we’re doing and can’t wait for it all to be done. In part, because the in-between/working phase that we are currently in has definitely been stressful. Plus I feel like I’m surviving off junk-food, which is not my preferred option. Plus the hubs and I didn’t quite grasp how little we would really be able to use the kitchen and didn’t do enough prep in advance – thus having to eat-put for lunch most of the week and even for dinner 3 nights (plus all the rain we’ve been getting in Georgia makes grilling much harder). Can’t wait to share the after!