Wow, apparently I missed my 4 year blog-iversary (it was Thursday). I am kind of amazed that I’ve been writing here for that long. Not that I’ve always been great about keeping up with it, but I truly do enjoy sharing my cooking adventures. I love hearing back from people who’ve enjoyed something I shared and I hope I occasionally inspire people to try something new.

I’ve been pretty lax recently as I try to get my kitchen functioning properly once again. But, as I embark on my fifth year here at the Garlic Goddess I’m making a commitment to devote more time and energy to this project. I’m always in the kitchen, so I just need to be better about jotting down what I put into a dish, and taking pictures (I actually have a recipe waiting to share that I complete forgot to photograph… woops).

It’s kind of wild to reflect back on the four years since I started writing here. So much has changed: I changed jobs 3 times, moved 3 times, adopted 3 pets (although technically I got Cricket right before I started the Garlic Goddess), got engaged, bought a house, got married, celebrated the marriages of many friends and family, and welcomed a niece and nephew into the world. It’s been a pretty amazing four years. Just want to close with a word of thanks to my readers, you guys are great and I hope you stick around!


My three fur-babies