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It has been a wild day and a half… There are still people stuck out on the roads around Atlanta and the ice is everywhere. I had co-workers and friends who spent 8 to 11 hours in their cars trying to get home, who had to abandon their stuck cars and walk home. I am so very grateful that the hubs and I both made it home quickly and safely yesterday. We left our offices around 12:15 – 12:30 and were both home by 1:45. It usually takes 25 minutes, but all things considered, I’m grateful we got home as quickly and safely as we did! Especially since a neighbor, who works very close to us, took over 8 hours to get home.

Mango Snowday

Our offices were closed so the hubs and I both worked from home today – but also enjoyed the snow. We got out there and sledded with the neighbors and took the pup for a walk. All in all it’s been a fun snow day! Best way to end a great snow day…? Fruity drinks! The hubs whipped up these delicious fruity beverages to celebrate the snow.

Mango Snowday

½ mango,
10oz Tonic water
2 splashes Grenadine
4oz  vodka
4oz triple sec
3oz key lime juice
Twist of fresh lime

Blend ingredients together, adding ice until you reach your desired consistency.