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I don’t know about you, but I am a big brunch fan. Something you probably could have surmised based on my frequent declarations of love for weekend breakfasts. When the Cook’s Warehouse extended the invitation for the holiday brunch this past weekend – I was in! I mean, what’s not to love: brunch complete with recipes and champagne, all in a store filled with all of the best cooking gadgets and appliances. Now, I can’t comment on the champagne (everyone seemed to really like it) but the food was lovely.

Blogger Brunch Apps

We started with homemade hummus, fresh bread, gougeres and a strawberry basil soup. All of it was lovely, the soup actually made me think of a fruity drink! Chef Adeline Borra demonstrated the gougeres for us. I’m dying to try out this recipe for the little gougeres, I’m such a sucker for cheese and bread, so these are right up my alley. I’m pretty sure they would be killer fresh out of the oven.

Fresh gougeres

This was followed by a nice salad and quiche lorraine. The salad was simple and lovely, and the quiche was fluffy and rich. There was bacon in the quiche, which I was definitely a fan of (Quiche tip from the French chef, Adeline Borra: a touch of plain yogurt keeps your quiche for getting watery). We finished the meal with a fantastic crepe with strawberry-rosemary preserves and a panna cotta with raspberries (Crepe tip from the French chef, Adeline Borra: a splash of beer, sparkling water or cider will give you a lighter, fluffier crepe), and I was so distracted by the food I forgot to snap a pic – woops!

quiche lorraine

We also got to check out a variety of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks suggested by the founder of the Cook’s Warehouse, Mary Moore. I’m sharing a few of my favorites, these would make great Christmas gifts for any foodies on your list!

suggested cookbooks

Concave Cutting Board by JK Adams – this great little board is prefect for carving meats, the concave shape keeps the juice in the middle where you want them, and off your counters.

Concave Cutting Board by JK Adams

Lotus Grill – I thought this one was particularly cool, it’s a mini grill for tailgating, apartments, camping, etc… The exterior stays cool enough to touch it while you’re cooking and you can just pop out the charcoal “pod” and douse with water so you can safely put it away once you’re done!

Lotus Grill

Mini Green Egg – this made me think of a few of the men I know. It’s a “travel sized” green egg (still probably takes 2 people to haul, but way lighter than the big boys!). Not the most practical traveling grill, but I can see the hard-core Green Egg-ers out there loving this.

MiniMax Green Egg

Sift Stir by the Everyday Gourmet – I thought this was a cool little gadget, it is a whisk/sifter combination that lets you sift your dry ingredients while stirring! Would make a nice stocking stuffer.

Sift Stir by the Everyday Gourmet

Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle – thought this would make a very cool gift for any whiskey aficionado. It creates a wedge shaped chunk of ice in the whiskey glass so the whiskey is chilled without being watered down.

Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle

Garlic Rocker – after seeing these at the brunch I decided I had to have one (I haven’t tried it yet – will let you know what I think as soon as I do!). It’s a simple looking little gadget that you rock back-and-forth over your garlic cloves, on a cutting board, to quickly mince the garlic.

Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher

Garlic Cone – this is a simple little silicone cone you drop your un-peeled garlic cloves into, roll around in your hands and pop out peeled garlic! These were gifted to us at the brunch and I’ve already used mine several times. They really do work and are much less annoying then standing there peeling each clove.

garlic cone

Freezer Wine Glasses by HOST – Loved these little freezable stemless wine glasses designed to keep your white wine cold! Pretty sure these are perfect for hot summer days on the porch.

Freezer Wine Glasses by HOST

Atlanta and Georgia Aprons by Cat Studio – I loved these very cute and local aprons (they also had matching hand towels), great detail and colors. These would make fantastic hostess gifts.

Atlanta and Georgia Aprons

I grabbed a couple of stocking stuffers and a Christmas present while I was there! Thank you to the Cook’s Warehouse for hosting such a lovely event. I know I really enjoyed visiting with my fellow bloggers, eating and shopping!

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